Treatments and therapies from our Plymouth Clinic

We provide the following treatments /therapies in the Plymouth clinic:-

*Baby massage is a very effective way to help a baby or a little child to recover from their illnesses or poor conditions, including night crying, colic pain, regurgitation of milk, diarrhoea, constipation, thrush, vomiting, poor appetite, and infantile malnutrition.
The therapist only applies very gentle touch or manipulation to the points in the abdomen, back or hands, with no pain and no side effects. It is quite different from adult massage. For mild conditions, one to three sessions will help, each session lasting only 15 to 20 minutes.

Price list


Initial Consultation and Treatment - £45 (60 min)
Follow up - £40 (50-60 min)
Block booking for 6 sessions: £225
Under 16's - £40(initial) / £35 (follow up)
Home Visit - £65
Facial Rejuvenation - £50 (60 min)
(Block Booking for Facial Rejuvenation) - £270/6 Sessions

Tuina (Chinese Massage) for baby only

Facial and Head Massage - £30 (30 min)
Baby massage - £30 (35 min)

Other Therapies / Service (without acupuncture) Charge **

Consultation only - £10 (10-15min)
Ear seeds - £10
Cupping only - £25 (30 min)

** These extra services, where needed, are free of charge if you have acupuncture treatment.

  • Chinese Acupuncture Clinic  Plymouth with Renxiang Ding & Meilan Shen
  • Chinese Acupuncture Clinic  Plymouth with Renxiang Ding & Meilan Shen
  • Moxi
  • We stock a range of Chinese Herbs
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